How do we contact you?
Please email, and paste your submission right into the body of your email. If that's impossible for you, please provide it as an attachment that can be opened with Google Drive.

How many submissions can we send?
As many as you want. It's possible that only a few will be chosen, but we will try to find a spot for each piece you send.

What other information do you need?
Please include a bio that includes a few facts or interests about the young person, their age, an approximate location (town/city, state/region, or country is fine), the child's pronouns (or preference to avoid pronouns if desired), and the title of the work.

What are you interested in sharing?
EVERYTHING. I mean it!
Drawings, journal entries, short stories, poems, paintings, animation, short videos, music, interviews, photos of other work (like masks, knitted projects, or other creations), photos of experiences or family, ... The list goes on! We'd love to promote diverse perspectives from people who use a variety of mediums to express themselves. Issues will be developed around specific themes and maturity (if needed).